Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Yoga Mat Strap by FiveFourTen Review

I am happy woman today … yes indeed. I just received a yoga mat strap from FiveFourTen, the second fitness gear that I’ve gotten from this company, and it is everything that I’d expected! The first piece of fitness gear that I received was FiveFourTen’s Yoga Stretch Strap. With the quality of that being so amazing, I had very high expectations for the Yoga Mat Strap.

When the Yoga Mat Strap by FiveFourTen arrived it was very well package and it arrived sooner than I’d expects. Major plus when you want an item! As for the strap itself, it fits and matches my yoga mat perfectly. The Yoga Mat Strap is available is six colors -- Black, Blue, Grey, Pink, Purple, and Red – making it easy to find one that will match your yoga mat.

I like the ease of using a strap versus a bag, as it’s simply less bulky. Plus using the strap around my mat allows the air to get to the mat and dry out. I tend to be a little on the clumsy side when I’m in hurry, which is almost always and the yoga strap keeps my mat very secure with no worries of it slipping and falling on the ground. I’m also one to toss things in the back of the car and with the strap being so made of reinforced cotton I don’t have to worry about it snapping or tearing.

Yoga Mat Strap by FiveFourTen Features:
  • Made From 100% Reinforced Cotton
  • Available in Standard (5 foot) and Large (7 Foot)
  • High Quality Thick Straps
  • Lightweight
  • Cinch Mechanism
  • Hand or Machine Washable
  • Fits Any Size Mat

The Yoga Mat Strap by FiveFourTen is sells for $7.99 - Standard (5 foot) and $9.99 Large (7 Foot) on Amazon. I highly recommend picking one of these up before your next yoga class!

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