Monday, March 18, 2019

Moroccanoil Body Collection Review

While many are familiar with the Moroccanoil brand for its superior hair care products, some may not be as familiar with the Moroccanoil Body Collection. The brand was at the forefront of introducing consumers to argan oil for our hair and later launched a line of body care products based with the same infusions.

Perusing a sampling from the line, I can share my experience with key products from the Moroccanoil Body Collection. Behold Moroccanoil Body Buff, which is made with naturally exfoliating orange peel; this is an energizing, daily-use scrub that gently polishes away dead skin cells. Body Buff is paraben-free and offers the added benefits of argan oil blended with Vitamin E and nourishing avocado, grape seed, safflower, sesame and sweet almond oils rejuvenate skin with intense moisture. Moroccanoil Body Buff is an essential as we go into the warmer months.

Moroccanoil Body Butter is a luxurious, concentrated body cream that absorbs quickly upon application without leaving behind a greasy residue. This too is paraben-free and offers antioxidant-rich argan oil, shea, cocoa and mango butters melt together to deliver nourishment, while avocado, olive, squalane and pomegranate oils instantly soften and nurture skin.

Moroccanoil offers Moroccanoil Pure Argan Oil which can be used on the skin, nails and hair. The price point of this premium grade argan oil was quite pleasing and makes this luxe product easily affordable to all. The non-greasy oil provides multiple conditioning benefits for the face, body and hair making the multi-use product an intelligent investment. It glides on like silk and absorbs quickly for a head-to-toe moisturizing and pampering experience. And although Moroccanoil’s signature scent is delicious, Moroccanoil Pure Argan Oil is fragrance-free for which works exceptionally well when dealing with sensitive skin.

New to Moroccanoil, and rather essential for the mind, the Moroccanoil Candle with Glass Vase. Moroccanoil Candle  is crafted in France using premium European wax to softly illuminate and fill the space with the fragrance beloved by so many, creating a warm and soothing ambiance. Many of us won’t be able to jet over to the Mediterranean at whim, but oh how this candle captures the pure essence of the sand, ocean and sky! The Moroccanoil Candle is well crafted, offers a cotton wick that burns for 50 hours and the beautiful double wall glass vase is perfect for storing small personal items once the candle has burned through.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Earthen InstantPeel Facial Review

The facial peels that you receive at the dermatologist or at a spa can be massively expensive and recovery time is at least a few days. My mother has had two and with her experience, albeit good results, I was slightly apprehensive about testing out the Earthen Instant Peel Natural Dead Skin Remover at home. Or rather, I should state that my cousin was slightly apprehensive.

Kirsten has spent way too much time in the sun and the sun damage is evident. She’s only 29! After I did a little research, with Kirsten at my side, we discovered that Earthen Instant Peel is a non-irritating exfoliating peel filled with skin-loving natural ingredients. Each Earthen Instant Peel box contains six single packets and is 10-minutes of well spent time. It is very simple to use – Kirsten used my facial steamer for five minutes (you can actually use this in the shower, I just happen to have a facial steamer that I love), you take one Earthen Instant Peel and apply product to your face. Earthen Instant Peel does the rest!

Small balls of dead skin began to form on Kirsten’s face and after about 15 minutes she rinsed off the Earthen Instant Peel with warm water. One application was like night and day for her skin! No irritation or redness, just lovely soft and rejuvenated skin. Kirsten still has a bit of work to do with more twice weekly applications (so, check back for an update)! Enclosed inside the box are easy and direct instructions, which actually state to use in the shower. Earthen Instant Peel Natural Dead Skin Remover is available online at Amazon!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

App Helps Keep Prom Budget In Check

According to a survey released by Visa Inc., American families who had a teenager attending a prom spent $1,178. If you’re having a bit of sticker shock, the survey revealed that the 2019 national average of $1,236 will be spent on prom expenses, which represents a five percent increase from the previous season.

Recognizing that prom spending now represents a major expense for American families with high school students, Visa launched a new, free, smartphone app “Plan'it Prom”. The app’s purpose is to help parents and teens plan and budget every aspect of the prom, with the objective of helping everyone stick to a budget and support responsible spending.

Visa's prom survey revealed some interesting regional and economic disparities:
  • Northeastern families will spend an average of $1,528
  • Southern families will spend an average of $1,293
  • Western families will spend an average of $1,179
  • Midwestern families will spend an average of $1022

One troubling statistic is that parents surveyed, who fell in the lower income brackets (less than $50,000 a year), plan to spend more than the national average, $1,245, while parents who make over $50,000 will spend an average of $1,129. Additionally, single parents plan to spend $1,563, almost double the amount that married parents plan to spend at $970.

“Prom has devolved into a competition to crown the victor of high school society, but teens shouldn't be trying to keep up with the Kardashians,” said Nat Sillin Visa's head of US Financial Education. The Visa survey also found that parents are planning to pay for 59% of prom costs, while their teens are covering the remaining 41%. With parents subsidizing this much of the total prom spending, there is little incentive for teens to cut costs.

To save on the cost of the prom, here are a few tips:
  • Shop for formal wear at consignment stores or online. As with tuxedos, many outlets rent formal dresses and accessories for one-time use.
  • Have makeup done at a department store's cosmetics department or find a talented friend to help out.
  • Split the cost of a limo with other couples, or drive yourselves.
  • Take pre-prom photos yourself and have the kids use cell phones or digital cameras for candid shots at various events.
  • Work out a separate prom budget with your child well in advance to determine what you can afford. Set a limit of what you will contribute and stick to it. If teens want to spend more than that, encourage them to earn the money to pay for it or decide which items they can live without.
The free Plan'it Prom app lets users make a realistic, detailed prom budget and then helps them stick to that budget by allowing them to track their spending as they shop. Plan'it Prom is available in the iTunes store.

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