Monday, February 1, 2016

Pilates Toning and Fitness Ring by Infinito Review

It’s the first day of February and I’m wondering how many of my amazing readers have let their New Year’s Resolutions fall to the wayside? Do not feel guilty. I too haven’t exactly stayed or the straight and narrow with a few of my resolutions, like easing up on my massive sweet tooth issue. And Mr. Hubs hasn’t stuck to getting to the gym everyday. While the Pilates Toning and Fitness Ring by Infinito won’t help my sweet tooth or get my husband to the gym, it will help both of us stick to our fitness goals.

What I found to be really interesting about the Pilates Toning and Fitness Ring by Infinito is the fact that it was developed based upon user reviews. That seems like a really smart avenue to go when you’re designing something … listening to the people who use it! So, right there I was impressed with Infinito. The story behind this Pilates ring seems to be an inspiring one too. It started with a mother of three who was then striving to achieve a healthy lifestyle. After spending hundreds on Pilate’s clubs and low quality merchandise, she along with her friends developed the Infinito brand with sole focus on user experiences and quality. I guess when you factor in the opinions of actual users into your product; it takes a life of its own. In today’s market with dominating mega brands, it is refreshing to see that some people go the extra mile and talk to their customers.

Ah, then there is of course the Pilates Toning and Fitness Ring itself. Mr. Hubs may not always have time to go to the gym; he does however have time to use the Pilates Toning and Fitness Ring -- on his lunch break or at home, which means that I’ll be purchasing at least one additional Pilates Ring! You readers know that as soon as Austin sees this, he’s going to want it too!

My husband and I tested out the Pilates Toning and Fitness Ring and it offers some serious resistance. There are good reasons why you should get the Pilates Toning and Fitness Ring by Infinito. It helps with balance stamina, body stamina and flexibility. This is good not just for me but I’m thinking that my 75-year-old grandmother, who works out three times a week to keep up her flexibility, will use this too. So, that makes three Pilates Rings I’ll be buying!

This Fitness Ring is perfect for Yoga or Pilates or for a good resistance workout on the go. I, just like you, have seen more than I want to see of “fitness” products. However, after using the Pilates Toning and Fitness Ring by Infinito I am sold! Best of all, I can take this anywhere I go. I try and keep one just under the bed, and one in my office. Yes, it’s still cold outside but swimsuit season isn’t that far off and I intend to look good in my bikini this summer! Are you ready to define your fitness goals this year? Wow. I sound like a commercial, but I really love this Fitness Ring!

The Pilates Toning and Fitness Ring by Infinito lists for $43.98 and is currently on sale for $21.57 on Amazon. The Fitness Ring is available in Black, Grey and Purple. The folks at Infinito were kind enough to give Pop Culture Shock readers a $5 discount code! Use code 38X6RDQY at check out and you can score your The Pilates Toning and Fitness Ring by Infinito for just $16.57!!!!!! Booya!

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