Monday, February 1, 2016

Snore Reliever from Little Peam Review

There are so many mistruths floating around … mainly, that I snore! According to Mister Hubs I snore, but it is he who is the snorer oh and Austin -- OMG! Austin has spent a lot of time at our house and you can here him snoring from the guest bedroom with both that do and our bedroom door closed! Yes, Austin is going to kill me for busting him. Moving on to the Snore Reliever from Little Peam review before I give away anyone else’s secrets … like my sister’s. ;)

What I’ve learned about the cause for snoring is that this occurs when there is an insufficient airflow through the nasal passages. Of course, as when we’re sleeping our muscles become relaxed and retract (for lack of a better description). In regards to nasal passages, air passing through causes the tissue to vibrate, which in turn causes that most annoying sound of snoring.

Snore Reliever from Little Peam provides instant relief by gently keeping your nasal passages open. It’s a really simple application and highly effective, as I made Mister Hubs try them out and finally got a good night’s sleep! The trade off is that I have to try them tonight, but it’s a small price to pay. So, how do the Snore Reliever from Little Peam work?

Simple Instructions:
  1. You first want to open that package, remove all of the Snore Relievers (6 Total), and give them a wash with warm soapy water.
  2. Find the size that is most comfortable for you and push them into the nasal open.

Snore Reliever from Little Peam Features:
  • Manufactured From BPA Free silicone
  • 4 Snore Relievers With Ring  & Lock Design (Small, Medium, Large, X-Large)
  • 2 Snore Relievers With Ring Design (Medium and Large)
  • 1 Travel Case
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Snore Reliever from Little Peam lists for $49.95 and is currently on sale for $16.95 on Amazon!

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