Thursday, September 29, 2016

YUEDGE Solar Rechargeable LED Lantern Review

The YUEDGE Solar Rechargeable LED Lantern is almost all that one could ask for in a lantern of this type. It offers quite a lot such as a retractable lantern and flashlight. This is the first time that I’ve seen a lantern that offers both. It also has a sturdy rubber handle that can be moved to go across the top making it highly convenient to hang on a tree branch when camping.

While this lantern is solar charged, I can tell you from personal experience that sometimes you need an alternative power source and the lantern does come with two plugs for just that situation. One is a USB and the other is a European plug. The European plug is my only con with this lantern and for me it’s not that big of a deal because of the USB feature.

  • Available In Gold (Pictured) and Black
  • 36 Charge Hold
  • Lightweight
  • Solar Charge
  • USB Charge
  • European Cord Chare Included
  • Two Light Modes – Lantern or Flashlight

The YUEDGE Solar Rechargeable LED Lantern lists for $39.99 and sells for $9.99 on Amazon!

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