Friday, July 15, 2016

Loose Leaf Tea Infuser by Vitapura Products Review

This two pack of loose-leaf tea infusers is really lovely. It comes with two very substantially built stainless steel tea infusers with nice sized mesh holes. I realize that it may sound silly to say, “substantially built” as this product is a dainty tea infuser and not a pick-up truck, but I have had a bunch of other infusers in the past and they were built like junk. Simply put, the design of these is extremely well thought out.

The size of infuser cups is large enough to make a full pot of tea or even a two-quart jug of iced-tea or fruit water. The locking mechanism is secure and simple to open and close with three tooth-and-groove mechanisms on the lid. Tealeaves do not leak out into what you eventually drink. The mesh holes are numerous and nicely sized to allow infusion of the tea but small enough to not let smaller tea leaves seep out through the holes either. Prior ones we had either had a super fine mesh that would clog or big holes that would let the tea seep through.

The set of two Loose Leaf Tea Infuser by Vitapura Products sell for $12.95 on Amazon and would make a lovely housewarming gift with a set of teacups and your favorite loose-leaf tea!

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