Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Teabook by Collect Teables Preview

I have to say that what caught my attention with the Teabook by Collect Teables was how clever the names of their teas are. The product has yet to hit the shelves of retail outlets and grocery stores. This is unfortunate, as the very concept is witty and would be absolutely perfect for a Mother’s Day gift paired with a lovely teacup.

Currently there are two teas in the works, Shakespearmint & Agatha ChrisTea. Shakespearmint is a lovely, caffeine free and organic tea. And Agatha ChrisTea is a classic caffeinated Earl Grey. The brilliant images on both of these tea wrappers brought a smile to my face and they are a lovely addition to my tea box.

This is a brand worth backing and I cannot wait to see more from Collect Teables. You can find out more about the company and its Kickstarter Campaign online at Collect Teables

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