Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Educational Animal World Map Wall Stickers by EveShine Review

These DIY removable Animal World Map Wall Stickers by EveShine are very cute. I have been looking for something beautiful and educational for my expectant sister. This set fit the bill. The map shows the various locations, worldwide, where different species of animals live, as well as the world map, countries, and oceans. The colors are amazing and the animal images are adorable.

When I had finished placing each piece it was a little over 3 feet wide but you can place the pieces closer and make it fit the spot you have. It came on a large piece of paper as individual stickers. I had some issues with placement but that's my fault and the smaller stickers really made it easier to apply because of the size. It stuck really well and I was able to change the placement with no trouble to get it right. They came off without hurting the paint and then I just put it back where I wanted it to go.

The Educational Animal World Map Wall Stickers by EveShine lists for $59.99 and is currently on sale at Amazon for $13.99. 

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