Sunday, April 24, 2016

Marbleknot Aqua Classic Bow Tie Review

For so many Pinterest is a place to lose time perusing through 1,000 of DIY tips and home d├ęcor ideas, but for anyone who appreciates fresh designs you may want to visit Marbleknot. Initially, I was simply going to have our beloved Austin do a review of the Marbleknot Aqua Classic Bow Tie, however as I was researching the price of this bow tie a few other things caught my eye.

As I searched the Marbleknot site, my eyes were treated to beautiful designs with textures that I could almost feel through my computer screen and I found myself wanting to know a little bit about the designer. I found out that the gentleman behind the bow tie is Emilio Barbero and that he designs the patterns for his wares. Emilio looks like the picture of the modern day gentleman, so it sort of makes sense that he would bring fresh designs to the resurgence of the bow tie.

Marbleknot Aqua Classic Bow Tie Features:
  • Poly Twill & Denim
  • Adjustable (Approximately 14” to 19” Collar)
  • Hand Wash or Dry Clean
  • Made in Canada

The Marbleknot Aqua Classic Bow Tie is made using Marbleknot printed patterns and is assembled in London, Ontario. It sells for $45 and makes the perfect addition to any gentleman’s wardrobe. You can find the Marbleknot Aqua Classic Bow Tie at Marbleknot!

With more than 2,000 unique patterns available for licensing, Marbleknot Design Studio is bringing geometry back to the surface pattern design industry. From the wildly abstract to the solidly elegant, we create fun, fresh patterns designed to bring geometric flair to a wide range of product categories. – Marbleknot Design Studio 

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