Friday, March 25, 2016

Sub Zero Polar Fleece Hoo-rags Review

Okay, so the first thing that may come to mind for you is why would I be reviewing polar fleece clothing as we are going into warmer weather? And, the answer would be … because I can. All kidding aside, I actually just received the opportunity to review this rather awesome item from Hoo-rags.

The Hoo-rag company offers a multitude of designs for its Sub Zero Polar Fleece product. They even offer custom designs, but I opted to review their Jeeper Reaper Hoo-rag because that’s the style that Mr. Hubs likes and this item is for him. Pop Culture Shock readers know that Mr. Hubs works in industrial construction and the guys do not stop working just because it’s cold outside.

Looking at the Sub Zero Polar Fleece, the top is a comfortable cotton with the “Jeeper Reaper” design and the bottom is a super soft polar fleece that I know is going to keep Mr. Hubs warm when is out on site. The Sub Zero Polar Fleece Hoo-rag also offers up to 30UPF, which means I don’t have to worry about him getting sunburned. All that I’ve told you thus far is pretty cool, but the Hoo-rag gets even more interesting … there are more than 10 different ways to where it and check out the video below as Doug Sapusek demonstrates the various ways to wear this NEW type of headband!

The Sub Zero Polar Fleece Hoo-rag sells for $23.95 online at Hoo-rags, but you gotta check out all of the items that Hoo-rags sells and I’m off to buy Mr. Hubs a few regular Hoo-rags for the spring and summer!

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