Saturday, February 27, 2016

Healing and Love Sandalwood and Matte Rose Quartz Necklace by LovePray Jewelry

I think by now, Pop Culture Shock readers are aware that I receive a lot of items to review. Most are lovely and functional … and then there are those rare items, such as the Healing and Love Sandalwood and Matte Rose Quartz Necklace by LovePray Jewelry that I am absolutely in awe over. I received this stunning piece of jewelry today and haven’t taken it off since I skipped out to mailbox and found this treasure inside. It arrived lovingly packaged with a personal note enclosed (and a Jolly Rancher -- one of my favorite candies). The necklace itself was enclosed in a giftable box and had a small card that explained a bit about Sandalwood. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this beautiful precious wood, Sandalwood enhances a sense of well being and helps to bring healing energy where it is needed.

This particular piece (there are an abundant of choices for your needs and desires on the website) also includes 12 rose quartz beads and a Tibetan pearl guru bead at the center with the traditional total of 108 beads. The Sandalwood has a light uplifting scent and the rose quartz adds to the sense of well being with its emotional balancing properties. As I stated above, there is an abundance of choices on the LovePray Jewelry website that offer beautiful functionality for your spiritual side. That in and of itself is plenty, but the pieces are also very on trend too, as well as versatile! I wrapped my necklace around my wrist and have been wearing it as a bracelet.

The Healing and Love Sandalwood and Matte Rose Quartz Necklace sells for $89-$98, with “stock” sizes of small (6.5in/ 16.5cm), medium (7.25in/ 19cm) and large (8in/ 20cm) with customized sizing available. Visit LovePray Jewelry to purchase this necklace. Okay, I just scored a beautiful deal with LovePray Jewelry for my beautiful Pop Culture Shock readers! Use the code POPC and Get 20% off your order!

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