Wednesday, January 13, 2016

IQualTech Bluetooth Pill Speaker Review

Customer service is massively important to me. To the point that I can forgive a bit of funkiness if has nice folks and good service. I point this out, not because the IQualTech Bluetooth Pill Speaker has any problems, but to drive home the point that this company has outstanding customer service.

The person, who is the owner that I dealt with, was beyond pleasant. Add that to a superior quality product and what you get is one loyal customer. Yes, I will be purchasing products from this company in the future. But let’s get to the speaker itself. Hands down it rivals the Beats Pill by Dre ($179.00)! Helping me out with this review is AUSTIN!!!! Yes, Austin is back! The plus side of Austin hanging around is he is always a complete blast … the minus is that he is always taking my stuff!!!! Check out the video below for his take on the IQualTech Bluetooth Pill Speaker.

IQualTech Bluetooth Pill Speaker Features:
  • Very Cool Pill Shaped Speaker
  • Lightweight For Massive Mobility
  • Easily Connects to Bluetooth or NFC Devices
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Amazing Loud
  • 4-9 Hours of Battery Play
  • Hands Free
  • Available in Red, White and Black

The iQualTech Wireless Bluetooth Speaker lists for $69.99 and is currently on sale for $35.00 on Amazon. While Austin is currently available, he is not on Amazon!

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