Thursday, January 14, 2016

Chef's Knife by HappyMoon Kitchenware Review

I can’t exactly state that I’m a simple woman … I’m simply not. However, as I stated yesterday I can appreciate simple things like great customer service. And that is where this review begins. The folks at HappyMoon Kitchenware are amazingly accommodating and just good people. HappyMoon Kitchenware is also a family owned and operated business, which I believe makes all the difference!

Moving on -- The Chef's Knife By HappyMoon Kitchenware is a good sized 8 inch blade with a highly comfortable handle that fits perfectly in my hand. The design of the handle makes for precision cutting as well. The blade offers a precise cut, even with small things like chopping garlic. While you can find a good knife other places you aren’t going to find one at this price and you’re probably not going to receive that level of customer service that you do with the folks at HappyMoon!

Chef's Knife By HappyMoon Kitchenware Features:
  • 8-Inch Blade
  • Stainless Steel
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Includes Gifting Box

The 8-Inch Chef's Knife By HappyMoon Kitchenware lists for $79.95 and is currently on sale for $29.95 on Amazon. With wedding season a few months off, I’m stocking up on this one!

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