Sunday, October 25, 2015

Raw Wallet Minimalist Slim Design Wallet Review

I rarely rip into to a product like I’m about to. The Raw Wallet Minimalist Slim Design Wallet should be renamed the Non-Existent Invite Thieves To Steal You ID Wallet! This thing is touted as having an ultra slim design, giving the customer this misconception that they’re receiving a decent minimalist wallet that they can grab and go.

This is how the Raw Wallet Minimalist Slim Design Wallet is advertised:

“RID THE WORLD OF CHRONIC POCKET BULGE with our ultra thin slim design.” – More like rid yourself of your ID, credit cards and cash.

“SUPER TIGHT FIT holding onto your cards with a stronger grip than any other wallet.” – I placed my ID and a credit card it the wallet, turned it over and gave it a little flick … out came my stuff!

EASILY TAKE IT EVERYWHERE YOU GO with the stylish loop that attaches to any key ring. – It’s poorly made and I wouldn’t dare trust this to be attached to a key ring … um … it has a completely open design so how exactly would you trust this attached to a key ring?

“SECURELY STORE CASH with the middle cash slot.” – Complete lie! There is no middle cash slot!!!!!

As I always state, this is my experience and you may have ha different one. The Raw Wallet Minimalist Slim Design Wallet lists for $24.99, but is currently selling for $13.97 on Amazon.

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