Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Beardeur Boar Beard Brush Review

This review is for the guys, however ladies you’ll want to have a read as well because this might just be THE perfect gift for the upcoming holidays. The Beardeur Boar Bristle Brush arrives in an exquisite, upscale box. This has to be pointed out, as right from the beginning you know you’re getting something of true quality. The box has the Beardeur logo on the front with a whimsical wax seal and is tied with twine. Hello, Happiness!

Okay, so that’s my perspective … I’m a female and I notice these things … but so does my manly, man husband (who would never admit such a thing). The brush itself is made of solid light wood with the perfect shape for grooming your beard. The brush bristles are made of boar bristle, which is known to be the best of the best for men’s grooming.

What my hubby had to say, “I like the feel of the [beard] brush. It’s the perfect shape to get the job done. It’s comfortable to use and left my beard looking nicely groomed for the Mrs.”.

Beardeur Boar Beard Brush Features:
  • Helps Eliminate Static
  • Adds Natural Sheen
  • Easily Gets Rid of Dirt and Dry Skin
  • Perfect Ergonomic Grip
  • Perfect Size For Travel
  • Lifetime Guarantee

You may want to hide this from the lady in your life ‘cause I can guarantee that she’s going to take it for herself. The Beardeur Boar Beard Brush lists for $35.99 (a bargain at that price), but is currently on sale for $19.99 on Amazon!

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