Thursday, July 23, 2015

50 Of The World’s Most Unusual Homes

For most, home signifies peace, safety and relaxation. Our homes are a reflection of ourselves. Whether you prefer an urban or country setting, home is home. Moreover, many of us are just grateful to have one. But for some, a daring adventure of a house hanging off of a cliff, a crazy up-side-down design or an uncanny underground abode is all the will do as place to call home sweet home.

A few of the weirdest are listed below. And although they’re a blast to look at, would you actually want to live in one?

The Stone House in Portugal is a great example of elements of nature put to good use. Allegedly inspired by the Flintstones cartoon, the house was constructed in between to huge stones on the hillside of Fafe Mountains in Portugal. Um … makes me feel claustrophobic.

The Kettle House in Galveston, Texas, is most definitely odd, but it’s lasted for 50 years and is still holding strong.

The Crooked House located in Sopot, Poland is certainly creative and is the most photographed building in Poland. But, Could you seriously live there and not get Vertigo?

The Shoe House, located in Hallam, Pennsylvania, was constructed in 1948 by Mahlon Haines. I wonder if it smells like nasty feet?

Well, hope you enjoy taking some chill time to look at 50 of the most unusual homes in the world. 

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