Sunday, December 16, 2018

HOFISH Women's Maternity Bamboo Fiber Briefs Review

These are so unbelievably soft and comfortable. I was surprised with just how smooth they feel when you wear them. I have a real sensitivity to anything too tight around my waist and stomach, the cut is just perfect. The briefs fit perfectly around my waist and belly without bunching or riding up at all. They are miraculously wedgie-proof, which is an added bonus I was not expecting!

Another BIG pro for these is their lack of tag. This is incredibly helpful, because I no longer need to constantly be fixing tags throughout the day. These are so wonderful to have during pregnancy, and their material make them incredibly breathable during the warmer months. I would absolutely recommend these! I can also see a LOT of use for these after your delivery, as they are soft enough to not cause any irritating during your postnatal healing process. Again, the fact that they sit under your belly would be an added bonus for anyone with a C-section scar.

Details and Features:
  • Available in 6 Colors – Beige, Black, Pink, Gray, Purple, and Blue
  • True To Size
  • Blend is 84.5% Bamboo Fiber/8.5% Nylon/7% Spandex
  • Seamless
  • Lower Waist Design
  • Soft
  • Breathable
  • Tagless

Antibacterial, moisture-wicking and eco/skin-friendly bamboo fiber crotch lining keeps your area clean and hygienic. Perfect for moms at all stages of pregnancy and even postpartum, or non-pregnant women who like their undies roomy and comfy. The HOFISH Women's Maternity Bamboo Fiber Briefs are available for about $7.99 on Amazon at

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