Monday, May 1, 2017

Nano Towel by Life Miracle Review

I really dislike when I have to state anything less then total happiness about a product. But, that is how it goes sometimes and if I didn’t share my true experience with Pop Culture Shock readers, why would you bother to read my blog? So here it goes.

While the Nano Towel by Life Miracle claims to be super absorbent, and it is, it also holds a lot of other claims that I simply didn’t find to be true. Furthermore scientific logic sort of weighs out some of these company’s claims. For example, Life Miracle claims directly on the packaging “fabulous skin”. How does a towel give you fabulous skin? The answer is that the towel doesn’t.

On the company’s Amazon it claims that the Nano Towel will protect your hair due to the towel’s super absorbency and therefore you won’t need a hairdryer so ultimately your hair is “protected”.  Wrong! I used this towel and as stated above it is super absorbent but certainly not absorbent enough to dry my hair! And what about styling my hair? In my opinion, the Nano Towel is a soft and absorbent towel that is small enough to take anywhere and that really should be enough of a sell point – the absolute turn-off for me were the abundance of unsubstantiated beauty benefits!

As always, this is my on experience and opinion. You can check out more on our YouTube channel and if you’re interested in the Nano Towel, it sells for $15.97 (20x40”) on Amazon and Life Miracle USA

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