Friday, November 18, 2016

Whistlefritz French for Kids DVD ‘Les Saisons’ Review

Still From Whistlefritz French for Kids DVD ‘Les Saisons’ – Permissions From Whistlefritz

I received Whistlefritz French for Kids DVD “Les Saisons” for review and it’s approximately 35 minutes long. The DVD is in French with French subtitles. This means this program teaches by immersion instead of translation. Immersion is a superior method to learn another language because it’s the way our brains are already programmed to learn language. While this is intended for children, to emphasize the immersion versus translation, I have been taking translation classes for over a year and had a far easier time picking up French in the 35 minutes that I watched this DVD.

I sat in front of the TV with my soon to be 3 y.o. and watch as she delighted in the music and character. I noticed a lot of positive repetition of words and phrases. Using examples with images, and songs, children can follow along with the text. And they do. Before long I noticed that my daughter was able to begin to understand! Whistlefritz has programming for Spanish as well as French, including DVDs, CDs, lesson plans, and games. They are geared for children ages 1-7 and I am beyond thrilled to have discovered this! Whistlefritz French for Kids DVD “Les Saisons,” and other items are available online at Whistlefritz!

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