Friday, November 25, 2016

How To Find The Most Accurate Deals Online With Dealspotr

My family, like many others, are looking for the best deals on everyday items. There really isn’t anything quite like finding a great bargain. And, the number one place that I look is online. I believe that most of us do. You find an amazing item and you check to see if there are any coupons online … oh … happiness because you’ve found 20% off. Sadly, the happiness fads because the information was inaccurate. This has happened to me more times than I care to think about.

A few months ago, a friend of mine told me about Dealspotr and she shared that the site boasts highly accurate deals. Furthermore, she said that she was earning points toward Amazon gift cards. Being a complete skeptic, I refused to believe her. She sent me a screen shot and I still didn’t believe her. I can’t really say why I was inspired to check out the Dealspotr site, but I absolutely wish that I had done so as soon as my friend told me about it!

Now, Dealspotr is the first place that I check online in the morning … even before I read my emails or Facebook! This site has coupon codes, sales and promotions for just about everything under the sun. And the accuracy is top-notch because the site is community monitored -- meaning that other thrifty people just like you are checking to make sure that the deals that are posted truly work. This is a real community of fun, fellow bargain hunters -- approximately 30,000 bargain hunters!

As for my holiday shopping, well it’s been a breeze to find the best deals on all of the things that my family wants. So, this has saved me a ton of time and money. It has to be the simplest saving site out there. Here’s how it works – you sign up, which you can do by using my personal link that will give you your first 5,000 points (worth $5). So you’ll be on your way to earning. You will then fill out your info and choose your interests! Please notice that I wrote, “choose your interests”! Dealspotr gives you your own personal Feed, kind of like on Facebook, so you’ll see the deals that interest you the most. For example, I love fashion so I subscribed to Fashion and then to specific stores like Victoria’s Secret, Old Navy, Target and Sears.

Dealspotr is very interactive by allowing you to follow other members, which is even more timesaving because this is a community of 30,000 serious bargain hunters so I follow quite a few people that have proven to be wicked good at finding the best deals. It is just so easy to find the deals that you want. When you are in your Feed, you can click on Hot Deals or On Fire Deals to see the best deals for the topics you are interested in.

I mentioned that you can earn while you save, which completely blows me away. You earn points buy sharing a deal, spotting deals that other members have shared, checking the validity of deals, referring family & friends, making comments and other fun activities. Those points add up quickly and all of sudden you’ve accumulated enough points (10,000) to earn a $10 Amazon Gift Card! Like I said early in this post, you can start out with 5,000 just by signing up with my link and code MECC.  

Oh, are you wondering just like I was if Dealspotr has printable coupons? Yes! Yes, they do! So you’re not bound to shopping exclusively online! I genuinely hope that you take a moment to go check out the site. It’s better than any other coupon site that I’ve ever used and the community is fun! If you're still not convinced, go check them out at and if you want to join and get 5,000 points use code MECC! 

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