Monday, October 10, 2016

MaskIT Sanitary and Discreet Disposal For Feminine Hygiene Review

I think that every female can relate to that moment when you’re disposing of your feminine hygiene product and you’re think that there has got to be a better way to this! Whether it’s wrapping a tampon in a mile of toilet paper or “hiding” a pad at the bottom of the trashcan, we just don’t want anyone to see it … that would just be horrible!

However, I believe that I have found a solution and I am beyond thrilled to share it with Pop Culture Shock readers! Yes my friends there is an easier, discreet and eco-friendly way to dispose of feminine hygiene products … MaskIT! MaskIT are amazing wrappers for pads and tampons that takes the embarrassment and aggravation of feminine hygiene product disposal away.

Each MaskIT wrapper is made of BioFilm, which is compostable unlike the miles of toilet paper that you use or the current pad wraps on the market. There are easy to understand directions on the box and these wraps are so much more sanitary than anything else I’ve ever seen. You can check out my video on YouTube for a better look and visit the MaskIT website for more information! Once you try these, I believe that you MaskIT will become part of your monthly routine! 

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