Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Complete 10 Piece Pour Over Coffee Set by Coletti Review

I love my coffee! My goodness, most of you lovely Pop Culture Shock readers and YouTube channel watchers know that I’m just no good without my cuppa or two!  After doing a review of a ceramic dripper I’ve begun to experiment with the true art of making coffee … the pour-over dripper method. This is they way that my grandmother makes her coffee and it always is so completely delicious. However, if you’re going to go this most delicious root, you need the correct tools.

Coletti offers a comprehensive pour-over coffee making set. When I received the company’s Complete 10 Piece Pour Over Coffee Set I immediately showed the set to my grandmother, who in turn tested it out. She inspected every piece – eyeing each with complete discernment. After my grandmother’s full-on inspection, she began the task (almost ritual) of making her coffee. It’s a comforting thing to watch and a relaxing thing to do. With that having been said, if my 75-year-old no-nonsense grandmother can give her stamp of approval then I know we’re on to something here!

Complete 10 Piece Pour Over Coffee Set by Coletti Features:
  • All Profits Are Donated
  • Ste Includes: Stainless Steel Kettle with Temperature Gauge, Ceramic Dripper, ​Stainless Steel Ceramic Burr Grinder, ​Mug, 2 Measuring Spoons, 3 Bamboo Stirring Spoons, Grinder Cleaning Brush, ​40-Pack Brown Paper Filters, and Refrigerator Magnet With Pour-Over Coffee Instructions
  • Guide For The Pour-Over Coffee Making Method
  • Designed by Professionals
  • Money Back Guarantee

This set is absolutely complete and I love that the company donates all of its profits! My grandmother loved this set and I will be purchasing one for her and one for my sister for the holidays! The Complete 10 Piece Pour Over Coffee Set by Coletti lists for $129.99 and is currently selling for $89.97. To check out more about this set and Coletti, visit the company’s website!

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