Thursday, October 27, 2016

MASHUP Workout Review on the Booya Fitness App

I have seen a few other fitness sites, and have actually used one of the top in the nation that was created by one of the top “fitness gurus” around. But, I was floored when I logged into MASHUP's and saw 15-minute workouts available for all fitness levels and enthusiasts on the Booya Fitness site!

MASHUP combines Mind/Body, Agility & Strength, and High-intensity intervals while three of them take you through just one of those three modalities during the 15 minutes. MASHUP is considered one of the most effective and safest ways to achieve desired results in less time whether you are using the digital workouts or taking a live class! Booya Fitness offers every workout class you can imagine. From Barre to UrbanKick to “Wedding Day” and “Mommy”, Booya Fitness gives you access to the fitness industry’s hottest boutique studios and formats from the comfort of your home.

The video that I reviewed was so simple. I really felt comfortable with the style of three women breaking down the work out into three levels so that no one needs to feel left out or unable to begin a solid fitness regimen. It is the perfect way to start your path to fitness! Check out the sneak peek MASHUP on the Booya Fitness App! from MASHUP on Vimeo. As you can see, the workout is simple but efficient. If you’re interested in joining up or learning more about this dynamic fitness company, visit MASHUP online!

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