Friday, September 2, 2016

Bicycle Pack Bundle by Jumaxis Review

This Bike Pack Bundle is a nice deal. It begins with the Bike Pack, which can easily be attached to multiple places on your bike, and serves up convenience by way of easily being able to get to items that you may need on your ride. It has plenty of compartments to carry essentials and then some, but manages not to be cumbersome. I love the see-through phone compartment. Also included in this bundle are a red reflector that lights up and a flashlight. Both require batteries that are not included and the lack of battery inclusion would be my only complaint … a minor complaint at that.

Bicycle Pack Bundle by Jumaxis Features:
  • Bike Bag Features Touchscreen For Smartphones
  • Water Resistant
  • Ultra-Bright LED Lighting
  • Multi-Use Reflective Stickers
  • One-Year Warranty 

The Bicycle Pack Bundle by Jumaxis lists for $20 and is currently selling for $15.99 on Amazon!

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