Thursday, August 25, 2016

Shoeslulu Intensive Care Suede & Nubuck Leather Brush Review

Our family enjoys looking nice and we do splurge on quality items like shoes. But, we don’t exactly have a money tree in the back yard to replace expensive suede and leather shoes when something happens. I am so happy that I found this brush! It literally saved my favorite pair of suede boots and removed a spot from the sleeve of my suede coat!

It is so easy to use, heavy duty yet gentle on the surface of the leather. I like that it has 4 different sides of the rubber parts are so that you can scrub and get to all the stains and dirt in every corner of the shoe. It removed the embedded stains and scuffs on my favorite pair of boots making them look brand new! It's also small so it doesn't take a lot of space to store it. I can just keep it in my box of shoe cleaning stuff. The copper bristles really work in cleaning unlike the other plastic bristles that I have used in the past.

Shoeslulu Intensive Care Suede & Nubuck Leather Brush Features:
  • Longer Wires [Larger Surface]
  • Regular Care [Fine Suede & Nubuck]
  • Works On Handbags, Coats and Furniture

The Shoeslulu Intensive Care Suede & Nubuck Leather Brush sells for $7.50 on Amazon

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