Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hand and Foot Callus Remover by WODShop Review

I own a high quality shaver callous remover and it came with a cover for the top. Why is that important? Because this type of callous remover has a very sharp straight blade and that can be very, very dangerous … even for people that know what they’re doing! Which leads me to my next problem with this callous remover – it does not include any instructions or warnings!

I have been doing my own pedicures for years and have had a few accidents with my quality shaver callous remover simply because I wasn’t being careful. Using a remover of this type requires knowledge and absolutely should not be used on areas of the feet or hands that don’t need it because you’ll end up removing too much skin and this can lead to serious issues. Along with the lack of general safety that WODshop offers, the handle of this callous remover is flimsy and could easily break!

This is my own opinion and yours may be different. So, as always I encourage people to investigate for themselves. The Hand and Foot Callus Remover by WODShop is available on Amazon.

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