Friday, June 17, 2016

Office Fun Frame by FunMark Review

This Office Fun Frame by FunMark certainly is a unique and interesting idea. I love any type of gadget that makes my life easier, and if that gadget looks good well then all the better. I like that this frame can easily be hung close to your desk to keep office items right where you need them. However, this product loses points with me based upon the horrible material of the frame.

The frame is cheap, garbage plastic that will easily break and it looks cheap! Oops, almost forgot to mention that the frame is lopsided. I like the rubber webbing, which gives this product somewhat of a redemption but not enough for me to call this one a win. I would highly recommend that the company go back to the drawing board and uses higher quality materials for the frame – if they do that then I believe that this would be a fabulous product.

The Office Fun Frame by FunMark lists for $22.99 and sells for $13.97 on Amazon!

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