Monday, June 27, 2016

Cofuo Big Face Quartz Analog Watch Review

This is a great casual watch that can easily be worn by a man or woman. It has a really cool feature with the ability to wear the watchband traditionally or to slide your hand through the double canvas band and then fasten it. It arrived already set to my time zone and it keeps time perfectly well. The only issue that I found a little weird is that the pictures here show that the watch face says “CUFUO,” but it in fact has “SKME” on it. This is of zero importance to me, but I think that it’s worth mentioning because it may bother others.

Cofuo Big Face Quartz Analog Watch Features:
  • Analog
  • Canvas Band
  • Gold-Tone
  • Waterproof Up To 98 Feet

The Cofuo Big Face Quartz Analog Watch lists for $89.59 and is currently selling for $16.59 on Amazon.

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