Saturday, June 4, 2016

Aqua Nexis Hand Held Diaper and Bidet Sprayer Review

If you take a look at my blog, you’ll see plenty of reviews. And within those reviews, I give my complete and honest opinion of products that I receive. I review all products in the condition that I have received them, just the way a paying customer would receive said product. On more than one occasion, a seller has read me the riot act for such a review. Hmmm? It makes me wonder whether a seller is simply looking for positive reviews to boost sales or if they sincerely wish to have true feedback (good or bad) about the product that they’re selling to the public. So again, here goes nothing on yet another less then positive product review.

I can tell you that all of the hardware provided by Aqua Nexis for its Diaper Cleaner/Bidet Sprayer is of really good quality. I inspected each piece of hardware and all was well made. Unfortunately, the washers that were supposed to be enclosed were not; therefore I was unable to install the sprayer. Aqua Nexis did enclose a lovely blue washcloth – I imagine as a “baby gift”. There were also instructions enclosed. I have never done a Pro/Con list, but I’m going to today.

Well Made Hardware
Includes A Hanger
Includes Free Wash Cloth

Washers Were Missing
Installation Instructions Not As Clear As They Should Be

For now the jury is still out on this product, as I believe that this product will work quite nicely once I can obtain the proper washers. The Aqua Nexis Hand Held Diaper and Bidet Sprayer lists for $69.99 and is currently on sale for $41.97. For more information about the Aqua Nexis Hand Held Bidet Sprayer you can visit them on Amazon.

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