Sunday, May 1, 2016

Premium Mesh Bag Lingerie Bags by Tastee Marketing LLC Review

Lingerie and delicate fabrics can be very difficult to launder without destroying them. I usually wash my delicates by hand. When I received that opportunity to review this set of lingerie laundry bags, I thought why not? It has to be easier and less time consuming then hand washing.

There are four bags that come with this set, one of which is a specialized brassiere bag. Bras are expensive, as are other delicates, and if you want them to last you need to wash them properly. You cannot just toss a bra into a washing machine and expect that it’ going to last!

That large bag, measuring 23.6” x 23.6”, holds quite a bit and can easily fit a pair of linen slacks along with a few tops. The next bag measures 12” x 16” and is perfect for camisoles. The small bag measures 9” x 12” and is perfect for stockings or scarves. Rounding out this set is the bra bag, which is specially designed to keep your bras in the proper shape while going through the washing machine.

  • Premium Mesh Bag Lingerie Bags by Tastee Marketing LLC Features:
  • Protects Delicates
  • Breathable Mesh Ensures Thorough Cleaning
  • Anti-Snag Zipper
  • Special Bra Bag – Perfect For Maintaining Bra’s Shape
  • All Bags Double As Travel Organizers

The Premium Mesh Bag Lingerie Bags by Tastee Marketing LLC list for $24.99 and are currently on sale for $15.99. Visit Tastee Marketing to get your own set!

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