Sunday, May 22, 2016

ID Creator Review

So, I received the opportunity to review a company called IDCreator.Com and was kind of excited. My boss has been tossing around the idea of issuing ID’s for the staff and here I had the opportunity to check out a company and see their work!

I went to the IDCreator.Com website and logged in. I simply filled out the information for my specific needs and uploaded a picture – a few days later my ID badge arrived in the mail! I received one horizontal ID, one vertical ID, holders for both, one retractable ID clip, one standard ID clip and a necklace ID clip. I showed these items to my boss and she was thrilled. All information was completely accurate and the photo was just as clear as if I’d been onsite and had my photo taken!

There are so many options with this company, including the ability to make ID’s and Badges directly from the site. There are no set up fees, there are pre-made templates or the ability to design your own! Visit IDCreator.Com to learn even more about this impressive company and their services.

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