Friday, May 13, 2016

Acoustic Guitar Capo by Guitar Juice

Mr. Hubs has been playing guitar for years, but he lost the capo that I bought him. So, for the past few weeks, he hasn’t been picking up the guitar much. When I received the opportunity to review this Acoustic Guitar Capo by Guitar Juice he started playing again.

This capo is nice. He plays an acoustic guitar and it covers the entire length of the neck with no problem. It clips on tight and he can easily move it from one fret to another. The insides are padded with a nice soft material that doesn’t damage the strings or neck of the guitar. When he’s finished with it, he can clip it on the top edges of head of the guitar, above the tuning pegs. It leaves no scratches there.

The capo also comes with 5 picks in different sizes; .46mm = white, .60mm = dark green, .73mm = yellow, .96mm = light green, and 1.5mm = blue. The Acoustic Guitar Capo by Guitar Juice lists for $21.77 and is currently on sale for $11.96 on Amazon. It comes with a 100% Warranty, so there really isn’t much risk here.

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