Friday, April 8, 2016

Postcards Bot Review

You have probably heard of the messaging app “Telegram,” which is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app that focuses upon on security and speed. Well Telegram has just launched a new service, Postcards Bot. Postcards Bot allows you to send a postcard to anyone, anywhere on the planet for $2.99. Imagine being on vacation and capturing beautiful pictures, and then turning those snaps into one-of-a-kind postcards for friends, family or even your boyfriend who couldn’t make the vacay! I tested out the service from my PC, although this app is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Phones and PC/Mac, it was easiest for me in my testing mode to use my PC.

I found a picture that a friend had sent to me. It is so beautiful and within about 3 minutes I had the picture uploaded, with a message, and a recipient’s address and a complete postcard that I could download too. I begrudgingly admit that I’m a romantic and I love to receive postcards. No, not the ones telling me that it’s time to have my oil changed. But, actual postcards from friends and family and I can’t wait until vacation to really test out Postcards Bot! I highly recommend the Pop Culture Shockers go test this out online at Postcards Bot or download for device here!

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