Monday, April 4, 2016

Hypnotic Skinssentials Natural Skin Care Review

Some Pop Culture Shock readers know that I’m an editorial coordinator for a large beauty and lifestyle blog. Obviously I see a ton of skin care and beauty products and a ton of them claim to be natural. So, I wasn’t really expecting to be too impressed by Hypnotic Skinssentials Natural Skin Care. But, I did go into the review with an open mind.

Oh my, have you ever seen those “unboxing” videos on YouTube? Of course you have! And I’m so happy that I didn’t have to do one because there was no way that I could have stopped myself from ripping the box open and diving into the products! I could smell the deliciousness before I even opened the box! That, my friends, is only the beginning. Let’s go through each product that I received and don’t get jealous … these natural and chemical free luxury skin care products are actually affordable!

  1. Cleopatra Milk Bath Powder is $26.00 and smells so good. You can literally see the rose petals in the bath powder! As soon as I opened this, I wanted to stop everything and go relax in the bath. Sadly, work must be done so this is on the agenda for later!
  2. Mimosa Natural Body Scrub is $19.00 and also smells like a bit of Heaven. Let me just tell you that every item here smells amazing! I was a little concerned about the body scrub because of my psoriasis. Hypnotic Skinssentials recommends that you massage this onto dry skin starting at your feet and moving up. To error on the side of caution, I used this on my feet and legs and happily (very happily) it left my feet and legs smooth without any irritation. So before my lovely milk bath, I’ll be using this all over.
  3. Hypnotic Natural Body Butter is $19.00 and is one of my favorites from Hypnotic Skinssentials. This is a thick and creamy body butter that smells great and absorbs quickly. It was so soothing on my sensitive skin!
  4. Rose and Chamomile Milk Organic Face Cleanser is $17.00 and is meant to be used in the morning ands the evening, as you would with any face cleanser. This has a lighter scent, which is fine by me because I don’t like heavily scented face cleanser. I found the Rose and Chamomile Milk Organic Face Cleanser to be effective and it left my skin feeling smooth and soft.
  5. Fresh Exfoliant Natural Body Scrub is $17.00 and is for dry/mature skin. I had Grans test this out. She stated that it is lightly scented, left her face feeling supple and wanted to know where I got it because she wanted more!
  6. Herbal Natural Spray Skin Toner is $17.00 and is a real skin wake up product! I love the scent, which smells fresh and clean. It is a perfect pre-moisturizer and yes, you need to you a toner on your skin!

The Hypnotic Skinssentials lists every ingredient for its products right on its website and there are no parabens, sulfates, preservatives or icky stuff in their products! I couldn’t be happier with this skin care company and I am excited to try more products from them. Did I mention that they are a cruelty-free brand? Stop by Hypnotic Skinssentials online

HYPNOTIC SKINSSENTIALS is a Vancouver based, chemical free company. Every item is hand made, PETA approved and Hypnotic Skinssentials is a member of the Canadian Health Food Association.

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