Saturday, April 9, 2016

American Made Hair Cutting Shears Review

I went to school for cosmetology and then moved on to art, but I’ve been cutting everyone’s hair (including my own) for years. Every pair of shears that I have ever purchased has been made in Germany. It is a well-known fact amongst professionals that the best blades are German made. So, color me surprised when I received this pair of Hair Cutting Shears by Got Glamour … Made In America!

The shears are well balanced with very precise blades. They offer a clean cut and they are comfortable. The shears are attractive, made from Cobalt Molybdenum, with a gold finger rest and a free leather carrying case. I read a little about Cobalt Molybdenum, which apparently retains a sharp edge 5 times longer than stainless steel. The blades are right-hand and 4 inches long, with the entire shear measuring 6-inches.

American Made Hair Cutting Shears Features:
  • Made of Cobalt Molybdenum
  • Leather Carry Case
  • Detachable Finger Rest
  • Professional Grade
  • Tension Adjustable
  • Made In The USA

The Hair Cutting Shears by Got Glamour list for $85 and are currently available on Amazon for $34.95.

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