Sunday, March 10, 2019

Earthen InstantPeel Facial Review

The facial peels that you receive at the dermatologist or at a spa can be massively expensive and recovery time is at least a few days. My mother has had two and with her experience, albeit good results, I was slightly apprehensive about testing out the Earthen Instant Peel Natural Dead Skin Remover at home. Or rather, I should state that my cousin was slightly apprehensive.

Kirsten has spent way too much time in the sun and the sun damage is evident. She’s only 29! After I did a little research, with Kirsten at my side, we discovered that Earthen Instant Peel is a non-irritating exfoliating peel filled with skin-loving natural ingredients. Each Earthen Instant Peel box contains six single packets and is 10-minutes of well spent time. It is very simple to use – Kirsten used my facial steamer for five minutes (you can actually use this in the shower, I just happen to have a facial steamer that I love), you take one Earthen Instant Peel and apply product to your face. Earthen Instant Peel does the rest!

Small balls of dead skin began to form on Kirsten’s face and after about 15 minutes she rinsed off the Earthen Instant Peel with warm water. One application was like night and day for her skin! No irritation or redness, just lovely soft and rejuvenated skin. Kirsten still has a bit of work to do with more twice weekly applications (so, check back for an update)! Enclosed inside the box are easy and direct instructions, which actually state to use in the shower. Earthen Instant Peel Natural Dead Skin Remover is available online at Amazon!

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