Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Digital Multimeter DMM by Meterteck Review

Mr. Hubs has owned many multimeters over the years and still has a dial type. While he says that the dial type still works, he loves the ease of reading the Digital Multimeter DMM by Meterteck.

As soon as the Digital Multimeter DMM by Meterteck arrived, he tested the voltage, current and resistance features. This multimeter uses a 9v battery, which is included! So, Mr. Hubs didn’t have to hunt around for a battery! Also included are two sets of cables that my husband stated is a feature that he has not seen with any other company. According to him, cables are always one of the first things to wear out and having an extra set included is a big bonus.

Digital Multimeter DMM by Meterteck Features:
  • Measures AC/DC Voltage
  • Battery Included
  • Two Test Leads
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • One-Year Warranty

Mr. Hubs was also impressed with two additional features -- a hold button and a light button. He stated that these are highly convenient when working in a hard to reach area. The Digital Multimeter DMM by Meterteck lists for $44.99 and is currently on sale for $16.98 on Amazon.

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