Friday, March 4, 2016

Cable Organizers by EnchantaSpace Review


Doesn’t it sometimes feel as if you’re going to get strangled by the endless cable wires around your home? Okay, maybe you don’t feel that way, but I on the other hand have a little bit of a problem with wires behind the television, in my home and well … everywhere around my house.

I was happy to receive the Cable Organizers by EnchantaSpace (pack of four). This is such a great and simple idea that I’m almost angry that I didn’t think of it first! Each cable organizer is sturdy and very easy to use. This is the best item that I’ve found so far to organize the endless amounts of cable wires that I have throughout my home.

Cable Organizers by EnchantaSpace are available in black, white, pink and orange. This item lists for $15.99 and is currently on sale for $10.99 on Amazon. Aside from organizing wires, these can easily be used to support tall houseplants or to warp around pens … really a lot of various uses! 

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