Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Backseat Pledge Kit by Bentley Brandon Review

Mr. Hubs and I do not have children of our own just yet. However, my brother does and I have been in the car with my little darling nieces and nephews … well, little darlings when they want to be. I gave the Backseat Pledge Kit by Bentley Brandon to my brother, but not before perusing the kit for myself.

The Backseat Pledge Kit by Bentley Brandon arrived nicely packaged and contains a plethora of items to help teach your children proper and SAFE car etiquette. Inside the kit is Bentley Brandon’s new Vehicle Etiquette Book for children, which is a smartly done coloring book that teaches children in a highly creative way … through fun! The Etiquette Book comes with a set of crayons. Also include in the kit are five Etiquette Bags that help to remind children to clean up after themselves when they have arrived at their destination. The Backseat Pledge Kit further contains a pledge card and bumper sticker.

I guess that great minds think alike, because my brother and I had the same thought about the Backseat Pledge Kit. The obvious thought was that this is an exceptional way to teach children proper and safe etiquette for the car. The next thought was that the Backseat Pledge Kit by Bentley Brandon goes to teaching children respect for others belongings and respect for themselves. Yes, Mr. Brandon aims the kit toward a clean car but the Backseat Pledge Kit goes so far beyond that for children and parents! The Backseat Pledge Kit by Bentley Brandon sells for $20 and can be purchased at Backseat Pledge!

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