Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Travel Neck Wallet Pouch by Florious Review

Mr. Hubs and I are starting to travel a lot more, as is our bestie Austin. There are things that I hadn’t really thought about until recently when I began to review RFID Blocking products. I told my brother (they guy who knows everything) to invest in a RFID Blocking wallet or sleeves and of course he didn’t listen. My brother recently traveled to the mid-west. Shortly after he arrived, he got a phone call from his credit card company. Someone had lifted his information! No one really thinks about this happening to them, but even experienced travelers will tell you that things happen and the more that you can do to prevent problems, the less of problems that you’ll have.

For frequent readers of Pop Culture Shock, you guys know that I try to be as eco-coconscious as possible. The Travel Neck Wallet Pouch by Florious is the only travel wallet on the market made of recycled materials. This is really important to me … any time that I have the opportunity to go eco-friendly I do it. As for the travel wallet itself, it easily fits around my neck and across my body because it has a durable adjustable strap. It has enough room for both of our passports, money, ID, cell phone, and lip balm. And has consistent stitching throughout.

It is small enough to fit comfortably under a shirt, yet has plenty of room for all of the items that you need and even extras. The Travel Neck Wallet Pouch by Florious was actually designed when the founder couldn’t find an eco-friendly, high quality travel wallet for himself, so right there you know this is a quality product. The wallet arrives minimally packaged with a card inside that tells you all that you need to know about the wallet, including how to directly contact the company should you have a problem.

The Travel Neck Wallet Pouch by Florious lists for $29.97, is currently on sale for $15.97 with a money back, guarantee at Florious.

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