Thursday, February 25, 2016

Pilates Ring by Fitness a2z Review

It’s one of the worst days in February. Yes, I’m aware that many places along the east coast experienced some really nasty weather. It’s just that today is cold and dreary and I’m glad not to have to run out to the gym in order to get a decent workout in. And how am I able to do this? Well, I received the Pilates Ring by Fitness a2z and yay for me!

The Pilates Ring by Fitness a2z is well made and includes two nice bonuses … an additional resistance band and e-book. Additionally, Mr. Hubs may not always have time to go to the gym; he does however have time to use the Pilates Ring by Fitness a2z -- on his lunch break or at home, which means that I’ll be purchasing at least one additional Pilates Ring! You readers know that as soon as Austin sees this, he’s going to want it too!

My husband and I tested out the Pilates Ring by Fitness a2z and it offers some serious resistance. There are good reasons why you should get the Pilates Ring by Fitness a2z. It helps with balance stamina, body stamina and flexibility. This is good not just for me but I’m thinking that my 75-year-old grandmother, who works out three times a week to keep up her flexibility, will use this too. So, that makes three Pilates Rings I’ll be buying!

Pilates Ring by Fitness a2z Features:
  • Made Of Fiberglass
  • Soft Cushion Foam Handles
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Free Additional Resistance Band
  • Free Pilates E-Book
  • 3-Year Full Guarantee

The Pilates Ring by Fitness a2z lists for $45.95 and is currently selling for $25.00 on Amazon!

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