Monday, February 8, 2016

Feeling Magnets Review

So many of us really do not have a true grasp on our emotions, more specifically, how to identify what we’re feeling. I was very privileged to review the Feeling Magnets, which included a 6-week “course” via email to help me really learn how to identify my emotions and how to express to myself what I was feeling.

In my video review, I had asked Austin to step in because I’ve been sick. In the video, he explains how his roommate, Scott -- “Type A personality Alpha Male” was visibly distressed. Scott has been a friend of all of ours since we were kids and he recently broke off a four-year relationship. Scott didn’t know how to identity what he was feeling so I tossed the box of feeling magnets at him and asked him to give them a try. It took him about five minutes to identify how he was feeling and how he wanted to feel and we, as his friends, were able to have a long discussion about his recent major life event.

I personally suffer from an anxiety disorder and when I’m in the middle of a panic attack, it isn’t easy to identify what the underlying emotions are. I have found the Feeling Magnets to be an indispensable tool to help me ease the duration of a panic attack and have found my panic attacks have lessened in frequency since I began using the Feeling Magnets. I am not a therapist. I just a human being. However I can see so many places that the Feeling Magnets would be useful. I would recommend the Feeling Magnets to anyone who is on a journey to toward truly understanding themselves.

Feeling Magnets Features:
  • 94 Magnets
  • 10 Category Grouping
  • Portable Box
  • Guide
  • Access To Feeling Magnets Club

Feeling Magnets are available for $39 at Amazon, access to their informative website is free and understanding what you’re felling … that is priceless!

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