Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Mira Announces New Smart Jewelry At CES 2016

In the year since its launch, Mira has become the fashion world's preferred line of smart jewelry. Mira has developed a reputation for high style, empowering technology, and a contagious sense of fun. Mira is helping women live healthier, happier lives. At CES 2016, Mira will be announcing two innovative designs inspired by the modern-minimalist trend dominating the fashion world, the Mira Vivid Wellness Bracelet and the Mira Vivid Wellness Pendant.

Slated to launch in 2016, the new bracelet allows for the utmost discretion. Hidden in the sleek, ribbon-inspired design, is the opal, Mira's proprietary tracker that measures steps, calories, distance and elevation. The newest addition to Mira's line of smart jewelry melds style, function and covert design and is the perfect option for the woman who wants to keep her tracking habit private. The setting will be available in two bold finishes -- Rosé All Day and Heart of Gold.

Mira will also expand their collection by adding a smart pendant. Simple and sleek, the addition of a necklace will give style mavens the option to change up their look and track to their heart's content. All Mira accessories will pair with the enhanced mobile app, which gives women an easy and personal way to monitor activities, find healthy inspiration and unlock their wellness data. New for 2016, Mira's App provides additional goal-setting features to help women track what matters most to them.

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