Saturday, January 9, 2016

CURAD Knee-High Compression Hosiery Review

People who do not suffer from medical issues generally do not give a thought about the quality of life of those that do, with the exception of caretakers. And I fall into the both categories, as I’ve previously shared with readers. Well, I’ve shared my personal medical issues … but I also take care of my grandmother.

My grandmother is 75 years young and very active. However she has a few serious medical issues that, at times, slow her down. She has peripheral neuropathy, which has led to a few scares most recently a serious staph infection that the doctor determined had occurred from a wound that had calloused over. She can’t feel pain in her feet and hadn’t realized that she even wounded her foot! She often complains that her feet are cold and this is due to a lack of proper circulation, which is where CURAD Knee-High Compression Hosiery comes into play.

I received a pair of CURAD Knee-High Compression Hosiery from PRO2 Medical for review and they arrived at the perfect time for my grandmother. I gave them to her to test out and she has happily reported that the fit true to size, are soft and that her feet and legs feel better. No pun … but grandma has a spring in her step again! Of note, compressions hosiery/socks are not just for issues as server as peripheral neuropathy. They can be used by those, like me, who suffer Restless Leg Syndrome.

From my perspective, the folks at PRO2 Medical were extremely kind and helpful, even enclosing a note in the box of socks. The pricing at PRO2 Medical is very reasonable as these CURAD Knee-High Compression Hosiery socks cost $17.25 and elsewhere the same exact socks cost around $24! PRO2 Medical offers a plethora of medical supplies with free shipping on orders over $100. For more information, or to place an order, visit PRO2 Medical.

MEDICAL DISCALIMER: This post is not a substitute for medical care and the opinions expressed are solely of the writer. Always seek professional medical advice for the diagnosis and treatment of pain, injury, or irritation.

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