Monday, December 21, 2015

48 Piece Magnetic Push Pins Review

Esthetics are really important when you work in a stressful environment like an office and the little things, like these cool magnetic push pins from Ava's Office Solutions, make all of the difference.  They are approximately the size of a standard push pin, but the various colors of the plastic really add a nice touch to your office space. Of course, the most important issue is usefulness for which these push pins definitely are. The magnet is strong … surprisingly strong for such a small item … and they are versatile. Home or office … these add a little something extra to the mundane.

Each magnet set includes 12 blue magnets, 12 green magnets, 12 pink magnets, and 12 yellow magnets. And the uses are endless as they can easily be applied to various magnetic surfaces like whiteboards, office dry erase boards, refrigerators, lockers and metal cabinets. I saw a few really cute uses on Pinterest and these make a great stocking stuffer.

  • 12 Blue Magnets
  • 12 Green Magnets
  • 12 Pink Magnets
  • 12 Yellow Magnets
  • Multi-Use For Home or Office
  • Specifically Designed Magnetic Surfaces
  • Each Magnet Holds Up To 10 Sheets of 8 x 11 Printer Paper
  • Plastic Casing is 11 x 17 mm - Magnetic Disc is 7mm

The 48 Piece Magnetic Push Pins Set by Ava's Office Solutions lists for $18.99 and are currently on sale at Amazon for $13.79!

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