Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ozeri Touch II Total Body Bath Scale Review

I grew up with a mother who was (is) on a perpetual diet, and long ago learned that a traditional bathroom scale is not a very positive route to go if you’re looking to get into shape. Reason being, the weight of our body isn’t solely based on the amount of excess fat that we have, but water, muscles and tissue too.

And with muscle weighing more than fat, the only possible use I have for a traditional bathroom scale is … well … I don’t have a use for that type of scale. Fortunately, the Ozeri TouchII Total Body Scale measures body composition accurately, allowing one to properly monitor weight loss and muscle gain at the touch of a button.

The high quality tempered glass scale is four times stronger than traditional glass and uses advanced bioelectrical impedance analysis to precisely calculate body weight, fat, hydration, muscle and bone mass within seconds; making this scale perfect for tracking progress.

The scale features a built in memory of up to eight individual user profiles to keep track of progress, where you can log your gender, height and age before displaying your fat, water, muscle and bone measurements. The scale activates by stepping onto it with no on or off switch, and it turns off automatically when not in use to conserve energy. There is also a tare button allowing you to weight yourself first and then pick up a child, pet or luggage to measure the exact weight of just the object that you are holding.

There are four touch sensitive buttons, illuminated icons and a clear digital display for quick and easy use, and a switch under the scale to change between kilograms, pounds and stones depending on your preference. The scale conveniently comes with two CR2032 silver coin batteries included for which I removed the plastic insulation strip before my first use. 

To use the scale I simply remove my socks and step onto the sensors, which are four silver circles, spaced evenly to touch the heel and toe of each foot. Within seconds my weight is recorded followed shortly by my fat, water, muscle and bone with a capacity of up to 440 pounds.

The instruction manual comes complete with everything you need to know about using the scale, as well as body ratio charts so that you can measure your readings against the healthy guidelines for your age and gender. The Ozeri Touch II Total Body Scale lists for $49.95 and is currently on sale at Amazon for $39.95.

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