Sunday, November 29, 2015

Optimum Clarity Brain Formula 60 Day Supply Review

Under the heading of “when things go wrong,” I was supposed to review Optimum Clarity Brain Formula 60 Day Supply. The problem: The company, Breakthrough Nutrition, never bothered to send me the product.

Actually, let me clarify. In order to do this specific review, I would have needed to purchase the product on Amazon. On November 21, I went over to the Breakthrough Nutrition Amazon page only to find that the product was “currently unavailable”. I thought that, that was incredibly odd given that I’d just been green lit from BreakthroughNutrition to review its Optimum Clarity Brain Formula 60 Day Supply.

But things happen so I immediately messaged Nick, the person who was running the review campaign. Nick didn’t bother to respond. I waited until November 27 and again messaged Nick. Guess what? Nick didn’t bother to respond that time either. So, you’re probably asking, “Why are you writing about this?”

The answer is simple. When you’re working on a review campaign for a brand and cannot procure the product and you inform the brand of this and you don’t receive any response – the conclusion can only be that there’s something very odd about the brand. 

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