Sunday, November 29, 2015

La Magie Hair Serum Review

Hello amazing readers! It’s one of those rainy Sundays, which I think are the absolute worst coming off of a lovely holiday weekend. It just feels like one of those days to curl up on the couch and be a potato. And, yes, I will most likely being doing just that – but not until I give you my latest review of La Magie Hair Serum.
The first issue to note is that La Magie Hair Serum is made on an organic farm is the USA with Argan oil harvested from artisan farmers in Morocco and organic Pumpkin Seed oil. Right here is when you know that this is not your run of the mill “hair” treatment.

For this review, I grabbed my sister who tends to over do it with stylers. She had some serious damage and we were looking for something – anything – that would help aside from cutting her long hair. Check out the Before and After pic from one application! Hands down, La Magie Hair Serum is an absolute hair savior!

Aside from offering a superior treatment for damaged hair, La Magie Hair Serum also prevents further damage. These two actions are actually bonuses, as La Magie Hair Serum is made to stop hair loss and enhance re-growth.

La Magie Hair Serum Features:
  • Delightful Lavender Scent
  • Organic Blend of 15 Essential Oils
  • Reverses Damage
  • Prevents Future Damage
  • Stops Hair Loss
  • Enhances Re-Growth
  • No Artificial Anything -- Fragrance, Color or Additives

We were blown away by the nourishing properties of La Magie Hair Serum, which lists for $87.99 but is amazingly on sale at Amazon for $23.99! Neither one of us can believe that a product this good is selling for less then $24!

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