Saturday, November 7, 2015

DynaPro Direct Resistance Bands Review

I’ve come to learn that resistance bands are worth their weight in gold, as everyone from my 74-year old grandmother to my 20 something self can use these. The DynaPro Direct Resistance Bands sell in a set of three (Light, Medium, Heavy) and upon showing them to my grandmother; she grabbed the medium band and went to town. The woman literally laughed at the “light” resistance band and yes, I wouldn’t mess with her.

I tried to get grandma on video, but she wasn’t having it so I again turned to my best friend Austin for a video review. As for me, I found that these bad boys offer a good workout, and I expect to be a little sore tomorrow because I’ve been slacking off a little bit lately on the exercise front. You can read the specs below, but I have to point out that these bands are adjustable to suit my needs, my grandmother needs and that of my dude Austin.

DynaPro Direct Resistance Bands Features:
  • Professional Grade
  • Comfort D-Handles
  • Adjustable Patent Pending Connection Design – Allows For Adjust Length
  • Set Of Three ($34.99) - Yellow 5-10lbs, Green 15-20lbs, Red 20-25lbs, Blue 25-30lbs
  • 100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1-year Limited Warranty

DynaPro Direct Resistance Bands are also sold individually, but the savings is too good not to go for the set. The bottom line here is that you probably can’t afford not to invest in a set. Resistance bands are an incredibly versatile workout and DynaPro Direct Resistance Bands are top-notch! You can get a set of DynaPro Direct Resistance Bands for $34.99 on Amazon!

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