Wednesday, November 11, 2015

CAIQIAN Original Sponge Blender Review

You may have recently read about Beauty Vlogger Stevie Miller finding bugs in her makeup sponge and the net was buzzing all about it … many had doubts about the authenticity of Miller’s claims. Yep, I was one of those that didn’t believe it and I stand by that.

Moving on to the CAIQIAN Original Sponge Blender, which I recently received. I have been using makeup sponges for a long time and the newest type with the gourd shape are amazingly precise. I have purchased the expensive ones, but after using this one by CAIQIAN I won’t be using any other brand. Not only does it effortlessly blend foundation, it’s great for contouring too!

The CAIQIAN Original Sponge Blender is latex-free and comes in its own sturdy plastic canister. The sponge is available in three colors ($5.99 each) and can be purchased on Amazon.

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